This is for all your fixes..

This blog is for those who want to find out how to fix or find a workaround to the issue at hand, there maybe times where i cant fix the whole program but i can get you a workaround or figure it out without causing more pain and other things

Tuesday, 13 April 2021

Map My Ride Info

I found out  that if you go into friends setting, you can search for name and or username. It allows you to add other people and share your profile...i posted this to Reddit and never got anything back....if you want to add me click below


Wednesday, 24 March 2021

well thats one for the dumpster dyson!!

For old "Dyson Ball" vacuums DC25 etc

When the red "button" thing you step on doesn't work, and you are stuckπŸ˜€πŸ˜¬πŸ˜€πŸ˜’πŸ˜’ this....
... with the wheels theres a simple fix.

You need to have:

1.Allen key set

You need to unscrew the small one by the wheels that are inset, and open it up and make sure the red thing slides in the trough on both sides. You don't have to take anymore apart... stick them in the trough, and voila it works again and screw it back in... Mind you there's a spring, a washer thing, and screw.

Wednesday, 10 March 2021

The way and shape of things to come...

Over the past 12+ years of being online and having a personality here and there i have always scoured the earth in search of websites/plugins to help automate the things i do everyday

Sometimes I'm looking for a quicker way to edit an image or because I'm not that good at art maybe i find a website that will make or do the things i have no idea how to Ive come out with a list of websites to check out and do work well (note some of this is a website review but it's to tell if the things yiu use it for is worth the time) is an online beatbox/mixer that allows you to create drumbeats or edm music. i found this when searching out other ways to add other things to a song...usually i start with guitar track then voice, then lead guitar stuff, then some humming and i thought maybe i could use it to add some effect to it. 10/10 a website to make your own midi files without the hassle of buying expensive rigs. However, its UI is a total waste, ut the its use is so good i do recommend it. 6/10

3.My Pixy-It's a website i found through watching Tom Scott's videos. He was talking about photo a sort of photo source forge of sorts. It allows you to check if one of your own images was used by someone else and is only in its infancy, you can import Instagram/drobox etc. but theres only a few they have...10/10

4. Image Converter sites- there are quite a few ones out there. I was always searching for things or ways to make image editing easier and more streamlined. I found to be quite an interesting site. I usualy work with so when i want to do something new to images i search up plugins and if there is no plugin for it i search long and hard for websites that will automate that. There is a whole list of ones i visited and i think I'll just leave the searching up to you. Search terms are "online image editor". You want to find ones that are quicker, simple, and seamless. Ignore ones that have too many ads, and isnt very easy to read. One of the most interesting was ""   11/10

5.If you're a guitarist like me, the website i that you see next will amaze you. "" i fluently and frequently find that when finding chord structures or progressions, it can be "nearly" impossible. As most searches are just for finding a chord structure that sounds good on paper as much as it sounds good live. It Allows you to find ones for guitar in certain moods and other instruments. 10/10

6.Images to 3d models. Theres a website demo out there that is free to use for anyone. I tried like 4 others and they got the model correct and looks amazing but Theres some with a bad layout of a site, some that take forever but this one It takes mere seconds if not minutes (despite internet speeds/weather) to upload a pic and convert. It also allows you to view in face and or chest and face. Downloads come in a zip file, with a "*.mtl" (which should be a stl) and a Png of your face all split up for use in games and other stuff. The STL can be used in 3d printing. "" 100/100 can say anthing else about them...who can say filler 11/10

8. Echords- a website to actually find guitar tabs/chords9/10

9.Discord-a waveform platform! a great meeting site/app its all free 10/10

10. Podomatic-podcast hosting. mainly free, and always helpful!! 12/10

Some of the image editors on browser allow you to save images youve edited. Most allow you to create an account and only 3 of them are payware ones.

Fast track of image editing browser sites

Tuesday, 23 February 2021

The fault in the online "of things"

Ever since I became having a personality online (not famous) i started to love and admire how quick some things can be done and how easy. Demanding higher knowledge out of people seemed like a no brainer and more like a game, that was synthesized throughout the years. I enjoyed just about every moment of the beginning of being "online" and never hated anything.....until now

Since the dawn of online communities, it has made our world work better, easier and faster, with growth of infinite details out there it's a land of beauty...and it shows how capable of caring and have made a world of help. Right?? πŸ˜¬πŸ˜€πŸ˜’πŸ˜Š??

Only Partially.....

 We still live in a unmarked demand ship of a world. So going online can help a lot of people, but that works at 100% (being correct, free, enjoy full) only 10 percent of the time...

Most online communities out there have great rules for all of use members AND STAFF respectively, and they gladly remind all of us to not break the rules at all..

But most of the online community ownerships to be had out there, disrespect some of their "own rules" I'm not talking about ones where they never see the rules they set and they never abide by them...but ones have hidden rules no one can see and enforce them to "@$@t" and make everyone pay (not with money but with respect)'s not fair, and it's not easy and it makes everyone's day almost not worthwhile.

But wait, do i agree with these ideals, NO! I don't ever believe it should be the owners and moderator's duty to withstand any information and rules that everyone must abide by....when dealing with bans and stuff i find than even when i get banned from things its a much safer issue, it's like right now as we speak I'm banned from "r/whatsthisthing" on reddit, what did i do?......what you think is: broke all the rules... what happened, it was i  replied to something and added a link to a response which could have helped everyone...but at a just of things, i rarely break rules/laws...

The point here is to focus on not having a "hidden agenda"...all my online communities are "hidden agenda free". And i like to teach the Freemantle idea of being courteous, kind and true and honest.

When i was young i had an amazing little idea (unsure of word) it was called the "truth train" meet people as normal, and after years of knowing them, id actually like to get the truth out of if i worked hard at trying to get the info of their lie or dishonesty,  and i get them close to telling the truth, or i get them to tell the truth, i say/shout "truth train, whoop whoop, the train has left the station"...i started with family members, but after a while they started to dislike it (like only some of them, and hindered my use of it).....

I think some online communities have missing rules only they can see,  and also enforce....on my communities (reddit/discord/forum etc.) all rules are given out, even one's I'd like to toy with are given in full!! 

Id like to awake to a world where self-divergence is the key, group owners never lie about some weird made-up rule, that hurts people

if you own a community online "*any" (reddit, blogs etc.) don't lie or give falsehoods...this means no more hunting down users to tell them they've been banned for just posting something that only the staff /mods want to use!! or that might help someone won't cause deaths but misinformation has been one of many possible reasons or ways that someone could die...

Thanks in advance....

Sunday, 14 February 2021

another day blogger??

 As we all know, it can be tough to get a background to tile or get correct aspect ratio, but here's a cool tip for those who need to know how to make images fit, here's the tidbit of info, but it misses a bit here's how to do it..

Go into your blogger blog theme, (not layout) and select an image in the "background" settings. it says it needs higher than 1800x900pix but if you cant get one to fit the viewfinder, go into the html editor (where it say "customize" area for the theme, please click on the down arrow and enter the code for the blog from  the link below and enter The Code into the CSS area..

where you enter the code is in the "content" section  (don't forget to save) ….

then go back to the theme,  make sure that the tile is set to don't tile...if you tile it doesn't make the image look like it fills the whole page (unless you want to tile the image...its almost tooo unsightly for you, idjit)  and also either set it to  not scroll or scroll <-- that's not as important, though

work with how you like to see it and OMG does it look like something out of a novel...

repeat as needed!!

Friday, 29 January 2021

you need some resurrections there bro!!

When it comes to the occupation of fixing computer hardware and software that issues will happen in miscommunication. This post will take you into the protocol into playing hooky with information on the software side of things

When programs quit unexpectantly, CTD, or just make weird noises... we all run for the 2-step archival way of knowing we must uninstall

and re install, pretty simple right?

Correct, wait... isn't that line supposed to be in big letters "wrong!!" no....what we have going so far is good, we are just insurmountingly susceptible to missing out on one key ingredient, especially with online software... like DLC's or programs and the like......

is to....Make sure "you" have re-downloaded the program from the website. In the case of online software as if you don't you become in a locked-up loop, re installing and uninstalling and this tiny bit of info can or could change your whole perceptions...

Let's take or audacity for example....we all either use it or have never heard of them..

Here's how things normally happen on an average day download the current program
2.upon installing the program you notice the screen flickers and the program crashes...
3 when you uninstall it you re-install again and well... it repeats the flicker/error/crash
4 you keep reinstalling and uninstalling and over and over again you forget what you were doing
5. you end up online on forums sounding like you never saw a day of sunshine, back and forth installing and such...and you land into a very huge loophole/ spiral and it makes you outrageous

…..and so,, we need to make a 5-step program a 4 step. Here's what you do

1 Install program
2.uninstall software (use system restore if the issue gets out of whack.)

3 Re install (check if issue is still there, and to tie up any loose ends
4. Re-download the program from website...and you should be back running the program/game/app in no time..

I truly believe this is what most people miss from doing this impetuous zany task of getting a file to run...hey man if it's a program that you truly need like an app for some school or work then those issues need to be sorted before anyone gets things more messed up...but if you are at home and this is a game/document, app or program it's not the end of the world

I use this protocol when programs shut down or CTD, and it's not hard to get past certain things... if you know how to follow those 4 steps well then, you're off to the races!!


*note... I'm using online software as a use case scenario, when using media on cd's that are at least 20+ years old... there are lots of sites offering free downloads such as "". PLEASE USE CAUTION and read the info about each version as some uploaded might be bugged!!

Thanks Everyone!!

Monday, 30 November 2020

dont leave me bleedin weebly!!

 so it looks like Weebly has some outdated information to give everyone when using captions on images...

instead of clicking an open area  of an image gallery to change settings for captions, instead click on "caption" and enter what you want and hit "done" and do that to each of the images 1 at a time...

thats it....such a short post...